Because of founder Ed Shipman, Happy Hill Farm exists to give children an opportunity to realize their dreams.

We equip them with the tools they need to become the men and women of God they were created to be, escaping underprivileged situations in which their potential is not realized … giving each one a bright future!

To celebrate all of these changed lives … and those still to come, take a moment to share your favorite memory of Ed Shipman and Happy Hill Farm.

Maybe you spent time at Happy Hill Farm, and you can share a favorite story. Or maybe you’ve supported Happy Hill Farm over the years, and you had a memorable conversation with Ed.

We’d love to hear from you! Please take a moment to write your tribute below.

My tribute to honor Ed Shipman

What a privilege to serve at Happy Hill. From 1998-2001 my family called the "Hill" home. God bless the Shipman family during this time. Still today we have pictures and memories of our time spent with you. Having been in ministry for 19 years now I will always remember this season of life. God bless,The Trickey's

— Carey Trickey

What a honor it is to have been with Ed, and shared his vision of a greater life for all. He to me is the one and only true Christian I have ever met. Me and my brother were sent to happy hill in late 1975. James Towles, and me, Billy Towles, we were welcomed with open arms, by End,and Gloria Shipman. They had a dream,and a faith they shared with us. Nothing about being there was easy at first, but the love of End Shipman was one that will never die. God Bless you Ed,I Love You. Thank you for being the father to me I never wishes to leave. Your time with me, is truly appreciate. And I have used your love, and compassion with my children. You will live on through all the children you have blessed. All my respect, and love. God Bless.

— Billy Towles

Mr. ShipmanHe was a very kind man. He came in my life when I was in 10 grade. He changed my life. I was able to graduate from high school. He showed me that people do care and love me. I will always remember what he has taught me. One thing I loved about happy hill was that one Sundays he was our preacher and he preached so we could understand what he was teaching us.

— Rhonda Barnes

I am grateful to Mr.Shipman and his family for allowing me into there family for so many years! The memories, life long friends...choir trips and track events to running green hills and Sunday chapel..I'm forever blessed to have had the opportunity. Thank you.

— Sabra Jones-Madkins

I was a student at Happy Hill Farm for about 2 years. When I first arrived at the farm I can't say I was the happiest about being there. I was an angry teenager who had many family problems along with being a troubled teenager. I was headed down a very dark path. The home that Ed Shipman provided was founded on Christian values. While at the time I may have not recognized it, Happy Hill Farm saved me in more ways than one. For that I will forever be grateful to Ed Shipman. Through his generosity and love a seed was planted in me to come to know Christ. While I may have strayed a bit after leaving Happy Hill Farm, I eventually came back to the fold. I'm grateful for the time I spent there, because it's made me into the strong woman of Christ I am today. Ed Shipman definitely had a heart for the Lord, and showed that in the way that he loved and served people. He was a true inspiration of what it means to be a Christ Follower, and what it means to serve the Lord with your life. I hope to one day leave a legacy as great as the one he has left. He will be truly missed by all that knew him. He was a light within the darkness.

— Courtney Yozze